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Start secretly recording everything
that happens on your computer in minutes with SpyRecon!

Have you ever needed to secretly read the email of your child or spouse?
Obtain People's Passwords
Do you really know what your family members do online? SpyRecon allows you to easily monitor a computer from any location. With SpyRecon you can do anything from secretly reading someone's private instant messenger conversations to finding out their email passwords.
See Everything That Happens
SpyRecon records everything that happens on the computer that you wish to monitor. This software records all keystrokes, instant messenger conversations, passwords, and actually takes pictures of exactly what is happing on the computer screen. Best of all this software is capable of running in an invisible mode where it is possible to monitor all activities on your computer with complete secrecy.
Monitor From Any Computer
SpyRecon is the only software that automatically sends all recorded activities, keystrokes, login details, chat conversations, and screen shots to the email address of your choice. This means you can continually monitor a computer without even touching it!!!
- Discreet Install
- Invisibility Stealth Mode Option
- Automatic Start Up Option
- Records Entire IM Conversations
- Track Online Activity
- Logs All Keystrokes
- Records Login Details and Passwords
- Tracks URLs and programs
- Takes Periodic "screen shots"
- Secretly Retrieve "spy logs" Through E-mail
- Ability to Send logs to Any E-mail Address
- Extremely Easy To Use
SpyRecon makes finding passwords as easy as checking your email!!!


What if you don't have physical access to your computer that you need to monitor?

This is easily possible with SpyRecon Complete. In addition to all the features of SpyRecon Basic, SpyRecon Complete also includes Remote Install Functionality. With this amazing tool it is possible to secretly monitor nearly any computer even if it hundreds of miles a way. Simply follow the included instructions to begin tracking activity in minutes!

Do you need to monitor an Apple Macintosh instead?
Then checkout:

SpyRecon is the most effective and
powerful Spy Software!

SpyRecon Basic
SpyRecon Basic
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SpyRecon Basic
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SpyRecon Complete
*(Remote Install Functionality)
Regularly $99.95 Save $20
Download Instantly!
SpyRecon Complete
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Works with Windows XP / Me / 2000 / 98 / 95
Warning: By purchasing SpyRecon, you agree that you will only install this software on a computer in which you have ownership and express permission to do so. Failure to do otherwise will be in violation of the SpyRecon License Agreement and possibly United States laws.
Download SpyRecon instantly, after purchasing!
Secure Tactics will appear on your credit card statement. By purchasing this software you agree to our license agreement. (SpyRecon License Agreement)
Secure Tactics respects our client's privacy and therefore keeps all personal information completely confidential.
SpyRecon is fully compatible with almost every type of online service or application, including AIM, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Livejournals, Facebook, MySpace and many more!
If you have any additional questions check out our FAQ.

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